Goalkeeping Excellence

Grimsby Town Youth Goalkeeper in midair catching a ball

Grimsby Town Foundation offer football goalkeeping classes to help improve and elevate this crucial position. These courses help to develop potential and sharpen skills that will help build the next generation of goalkeepers. Our courses are led by experienced coaches who pass on their knowledge and expertise to help develop budding goalkeepers in the local community.

Our program intends to develop goalkeepers of all ages and abilities, whether you’re only just starting out or you want to further develop your skills. The classes begin with the foundations of goalkeeping, including handling, positioning, and diving methods, and further down the line, we eventually cover advanced tactics, distribution plans, and game management abilities.

Goalkeepers who have benefited from our courses have gone on to to represent not only local teams but have also made their mark at regional and national levels; showcasing the calibre and quality nurtured through these programs.

Furthermore, these courses foster a sense of community engagement, bridging the gap between the club and its supporters. By offering specialised training opportunities, the Foundation not only enhances the footballing landscape but also fosters a sense of pride and ownership within the local community.

If you need any further information about our Goalkeeping coaches, complete this form and someone from our team will be in touch.