Premier League Kicks

A group of young people posing for a picture on a tennis court.

At Grimsby Town Foundation, we use the power of football to create a safe and healthy environment for all participants who attend our Premier League kicks sessions in the hope of creating more respectful and tight-knit communities by developing young people’s awareness of social issues and community engagement. 

Grimsby Town Foundation targets young people aged 8 – 18 using the power of football, we aim to deter young people away from crime and anti-social behaviour by delivering external and internal workshops on social issues happening in the area in the hope to be proactive, creating safer, healthier communities also offering the opportunity of playing competitive football against other clubs all over the country. 

Grimsby Town Foundation has Premier League Kicks sessions all over Grimsby & Immingham.  

Activities delivered include girls and boys aged 8 – 18; all sessions are entirely free and open to all, regardless of ability, thanks to the funding from the Premier League. 

Please Contact the team for more information: Mikey Pickett (Premier League Kicks Lead)  Or call the community team office 01472 696481 / 


Monday – Football (Mixed) – Free to attend. (Indoor footwear required)

YMCA, Kent Street, Grimsby, DN32 9ET

  5-6pm / ages 8-15

Monday – Football (Girls) – Free to attend.

Humberston Academy, Grimsby, DN36 4TF

5-6pm / ages 10-12

8-9pm / ages 12-16

Tuesday – Football (Mixed) – Free to attend.  (Indoor footwear required)

Shalom Youth Centre, Rutland Street, Grimsby DN32 7LT

 6-7pm / ages 12-18

Tuesday – Netball (Girls) – Free to attend.

YMCA, Kent Street, Grimsby, DN32 9ET


Wednesday – Football (Mixed) – Free to attend.

West Marsh Community Centre, Beeson Street, Grimsby, DN31 2QH


Thursday – Football (Mixed) – Free to attend. (Indoor footwear required)

Centre 4 Community Centre, 17A Wooton Rd, Grimsby DN33 1HE

5pm – 6pm /  ages 8 – 11 
6pm – 7pm / ages 12 – 18 

Thursday – Football (Mixed) – Free to attend.  (Access to sports hall and Astroturf)

Oasis Academy Immingham, Pelham Road, Immingham, DN40 1JU

6pm – 7pm / ages 8 – 11
7pm – 8pm / ages 12 – 18