Netball Sessions Launched

Group of young people posing with a "premier league kicks" sign on a basketball court.

On Tuesday night, we launched our Premier League Kicks netball sessions in partnership with YMCA Humber; in an aim to allow more youths to have access to physical activity in the East Marsh and surrounding areas.

These are free participation sessions aimed at girls in the local area aged 12-16 and are being held at the Kent Street facility.

We’ve partnered up with YMCA Humber to deliver the foundation’s first ever non-football session, and also because of the interest shown by the youth centre themselves, in wanting to set up netball sessions.

The main aims of sessions set up by Premier League Kicks, are to enhance physical and mental well-being, as well as create a culture of volunteering, social action, and positive role models.

As well as volunteers from YMCA supporting the sessions on a weekly basis, we’re incredibly  lucky to have support from local netball coach, Vicky Toftegard.

The sessions themselves are game-centered , aiming to give participants an environment where they can enjoy playing the game of netball.

People playing netball on an outdoor court with buildings in the background and a clear blue sky.

Ellie Kirk, who runs the sessions, said, ” There is a huge need in the Grimsby area for girls to have access to physical activity. These activities need to be what the youth want, and not activities prescribed to them by adults.”

“The YMCA are brilliant at listening to what the youth that they work with want; allowing them to collaborate and solve problems.

“When setting up the session, this was an easy win for us at Grimsby Town Foundation. Premier League Kicks funding is not just for football, it is for any sport that there is a need for.

“Girls between the ages of 12-16 enjoy being physically active, and doing activities that are fun. Netball is hugely popular in local secondary schools. This evening session is for those girls who just want somewhere to play netball, meet new friends and access all that Premier League Kicks has to offer.”

Sarah Howden, a volunteer at YMCA, touched on the importance of this new partnership, saying, “Being able to offer free activities to the community, allows us to encourage youth to get involved in a variety of sports which they may not otherwise have access to

“We are hoping these sessions gives the girls that attend, an opportunity to build new relationships and play a sport they enjoy.”

If you know someone who would like to get involved, or if you’re a young girl reading this and want to join in, click on the link below to access our consent form for the sessions, and we hope to see you there!

GTF Consent Form Netball

For more information regarding the sessions, please email, or call 01472 696481