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On the 20th of September 1878, several members from the Worsley Cricket Club came together for a meeting at the Wellington Arms on Freeman Street to form Grimsby Pelham – what we now know as Grimsby Town Football Club.

With over 130 years of football heritage, Grimsby Town FC has stories and memories that run deep. From the club’s origins in 1878 to the present day, the Mariners have created a meaningful legacy on and off the pitch. Explore over a century of history – the wins, losses, traditions, icons, and community impact that have defined Town.

Delve into the archives and step back in time through interactive timelines, extensive photo galleries, video interviews, digitised memorabilia, and more. Discover the players, matches, and moments that Grimsby Town fans will never forget. Learn about the club’s identity, honours, and place in football lore. Marvel at the evolution of Blundell Park as the long-time home of the Mariners. Walk in the footsteps of supporters over the generations who have cheered on their beloved black and white. The history lives on – become part of the story.

This website aims to connect our fans with our collection. It will allow you to view our items, share your stories and memories, make donations of items to the collection, and also see video content. The website will be ever-growing with new things keeping you updated with the latest items that have been added.

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