Who We Are

A group of children posing in front of a dart board.

About Us

Grimsby Town Foundation traces its roots back to 1986 when it was originally established as “Grimsby Town Football in the Community.” Its primary mission was to foster a strong connection between the football club and the local community, particularly by engaging with young people, using the strength of the club badge.

In 2008, the organisation achieved registered charity status, marking a significant milestone in its journey. Grimsby Town Foundation is dedicated to four core areas of focus: Sports Participation, Health, Education, and Sports Inclusion. It’s important to note that while these four pillars form the foundation of our work, they are by no means the sole areas of our engagement.

Our programs are in a constant state of evolution, driven by the ambition to become a well-established, forward-thinking, and self-sustaining initiative that extends its reach throughout the communities in North-East Lincolnshire and Lincolnshire.

Our impact is felt across diverse locations, as we provide specialised Primary School programs that complement the work of our partner schools. Additionally, we deliver the Premier League Kicks program in the community, alongside various other community-focused initiatives such as our Winter Warm Space and Winter Coat projects.

With our recent rebranding to “Grimsby Town Foundation,” we now better embody our current role within the community. Our projects are at the very heart of the community, aligning seamlessly with the football club’s “greater together” approach. Our values, strategy, and vision are dedicated to further enhancing our community engagement, working in collaboration with partner agencies, and using the club’s emblem as a unifying symbol for projects deeply rooted in the community.

What we Do

We deliver sessions in the heart of the community and across a diverse range of subjects.

Fair Play League – We work in partnership with NELC young and safe team to deliver evening sessions across the borough. We utilise local facilities such as the Shalom Youth Centre, Centre 4 and provide football coaching and PHSE sessions.

Premier League Kicks – Supported by the Premier League we deliver coaching and community sessions.

Primary Delivery – We have a wide range of primary schools where we deliver coaching and community sessions to support each school’s curriculum. 

Football Scholarships – Our football BTEC scholarship is a unique opportunity, delivered in partnership with Franklin College for Year 12 and 13 students. We are excited to announce that from 2024 we will be offering a shadow scholarship for year 12 and 13 girls. These opportunities are a gateway into football in several areas including potential professional game opportunities.

Half Term Courses – NE Lincs provide funding to provide specific support for some of our children, delivering football courses, matchday experiences and additional PHSE support such as nutritional guidance, healthy relationships and keeping safe online.

Heritage Project – The Grimsby Town badge is a community resource, 145 years of bringing the community together and we work to provide easy access to all of our heritage across the years! We have a new Heritage website accessible at gtfcheritage.co.uk

Community Projects – Our work transcends football, we are very much a community club with the #greatertogether tagline at the heart of everything that we do. Blundell Park is used as a winter warm space, we have warm coat initiatives, food banks and spend lots of time in the community.

University of South Wales Degree Program – Our degree programme provides a pathway for all of our participants regardless of background. Giving people the opportunity to work with the club and graduate from scholarships into a full degree programme.