Our Strategy

Four people photographed as part of the "All Town Aren’t We" initiative.

The Grimsby Town Foundation has launched its new 3-year strategy, “All Town Aren’t We,” for 2023-2026. Through our mission to “inspire, engage and include everyone in our community to lead more active, healthier and happier lives,” we have set strategic goals around four key themes:

Education and Employability: We aim to provide inspirational learning and personal development opportunities, raise aspiration and achievement levels, support disadvantaged youth, and grow our further and higher education programmes. We will inspire primary and secondary school children through sports education and competition. We also strive to narrow the attainment gap for vulnerable children by offering high quality opportunities through sport.

Health and Wellbeing: We will promote better understanding of physical and mental health issues, support health campaigns, provide activity opportunities for those with health conditions, address growing inactivity trends, and nurture supportive environments. Our aims are to raise awareness around health and wellbeing, develop more opportunities for those with illnesses to engage in sport, reduce risk factors through positive health habits, and promote healthy life balance.

Participation: We strive to increase sport and physical activity participation locally by becoming a leading delivery partner, tackling inequality in access, providing pathway opportunities, and promoting healthy lifestyles among supporters. We want to make sport and activity accessible for all – including women, ethnic minorities, disabled individuals and those from disadvantaged areas.

Community Engagement: As a trusted community partner, we will deliver innovative social programmes, align with strategic initiatives, develop our volunteer network, and recognize individual and community achievements. We aim to collaborate with key local groups, support our volunteers, celebrate diversity and inclusion, and reward community successes.

Through living our values and delivering on our ambitious goals across these four themes, we believe we can make a real difference towards enabling people in our community to live happier, healthier lives and reach their full potential.