A group of people wearing matching sports attire pose together outdoors with a mascot. Some are standing, others are kneeling, and all are smiling towards the camera.

Grimsby Town Foundation were delighted to take part in the Armed Forces Weekend Parade, alongside Grimsby Town Football Club.

It was the first time the Foundation has taken part in the parade itself, which kicked off on Friday ahead of Cleethorpes’ Annual Armed Forces weekend, and it was incredible to see such an amazing turnout along the route.

We had representatives from the club and the Foundation, including girls from our Emerging Talent Centre and children who are involved in the Mariners Trust, all involved in handing out flyers to showcase what the Foundation do in the community.

We also had Mighty Mariner join us; a familiar figure to a lot of young people in the area who they associate with Grimsby Town.

It was amazing to see so many familiar faces who our coaches work with on a weekly basis, but to also have the opportunity to hand out information to those who aren’t aware of what we do in the community.