Mental Health Awareness Week

Five young boys in soccer attire and green pinnies stand arm in arm in front of a soccer goal on a paved surface. They are outdoors on a cloudy day.

 This year’s theme during Mental Health Awareness Week is ‘Movement: Moving more for our mental health’, and here at Grimsby Town Foundation, we hugely support the need for movement in helping to prove to be a positive impact for people’s mental health, both for the people we work with in the community and for all of our staff.

Movement of any kind has huge impacts upon our mental well-being, and finding an activity that makes you feel good and gets you moving can be play such a key role in helping to improve someone’s mental health. It can be absolutely anything, but what’s most important, is that people get out and experiment with what activities they enjoy, that helps benefit their mental well-being. Whether you’re going back to an activity you used to do and love, an activity you want to do with a family member or a friend, or a completely new activity you want to have a go at; try absolutely everything!

Here at the foundation, we offer a wide range of opportunities for young people in the local and surrounding areas to have access to FREE sports sessions, which is a brilliant way to allow young people to try a physical activity and to see if it’s for them or not.

Three children wearing orange training vests stand on an outdoor sports field, smiling and giving thumbs up, with small soccer goals and sports equipment in the background.

This week, we hope everyone is taking the opportunity to move more, whether that’s starting a new physical activity, trying a new after-school club or attending a new session or even just simply getting out and about, and enjoying a walk with family/friends.

Ellie Kirk, the Primary Schools Delivery Manager here at the foundation, said, “So far this week, for me personally, I have consciously made sure to move more, including having walking meetings, and delivering extra hockey sessions with Grimsby Hockey Club for the Healing Brownies.”

What have you done that has increased your movement this week? Have you tried something new or revisited something?

Here are some links to various sessions we deliver in the community, and how to get involved…

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