Six young men in sports uniforms stand together inside a large indoor sports facility. Five wear black and the one in the center wears blue. They pose in front of a large window with a green field outside.

Grimsby Town Foundation is delighted to announce that the entire cohort on the Sports/Community Football coaching and development degree have completed their University of South Wales degree with first class honours.

The Foundation and the University of South Wales offer a foundation degree in both Sports Coaching and Development, and Community Football Coaching and Development, with the option of a ‘top-up’ year to gain a full BSc on both courses.

In their final year, both cohorts learnt about critical issues in sport/football, strategic development, Leadership, creatively teaching PE, Health and Wellbeing and the business of Football.

The students travelled down to Cardiff 2-3 times each year for their residential visits, which allowed them to have face-to-face learning and conversations with their lecturers, but also other peers from other areas of the country.

One of their trips down to Cardiff included delivering their presentations, and also undertaking their practical coaching assessments.

Alongside this, the students were given opportunities to earn their coaching badges, FAW UEFA C license, and FAW UEFA B license. Those on the Sports coaching course were given the opportunity to complete their Level 2 multi-skills award.

We are delighted to say that students Adam Tasker and Kieran Perry have recently passed their UEFA C license coaching badges.

The students that opted to take the additional year will leave with either a full BSc degree in Football coaching & Administration, or BSc Sports coaching and development.