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At Grimsby Town Foundation, we are relaunching our Primary School Delivery Model.

We have a new focus upon Engaging, Inspiring and Including all young people in physical activity and ensuring that they have access when in schools and out in their communities.

Our new model has two routes into becoming a partner school with us:

Priority primary Schools have the following attributes:

• Free School Meals % above National Average of 24.3%
(Our 10 initial Priority schools all have a % above 50%)

• Schools with Ofsted feedback showing areas of development, including PE, Extra Curricular Activities, Attainment in Reading, maths and broadening pupils PSHE offering.

• Schools surrounding the football club.
(our initial 10 priority schools are all within 5 miles of the club)

• Schools that have pupils in attendance that we can have the biggest impact with.

• Schools that will collaborate with us to deliver child-centered provision that is reactive to the needs of the individuals.

• Schools wanting to upskill and embed high quality PE.

• Schools that have similar aspirations as us, aiming to Inspire/ Engage/ Include all pupils.

• Schools that are impact driven and wish to better the lives of their pupils.

Outreach Partner Schools have the following attributes:

• Schools wishing to improve the quality of their extra curricular time and offer a broader range of activities.

• Schools wanting to offer their pupils high quality PE via our coaches.

• Schools that can offer placements for our University of South Wales Sports Coaching degree students.

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Working in partnership with Premier League Charitable Fund, Grimsby Town Foundation’s aims and objectives are:

• We will listen to our partner school’s needs and then provide meaningful, holistic and engaging provision.

• We will enthuse and inspire all children in the classroom, in the play-ground, on the sports field and into all aspects of their life beyond school.

• We will work alongside teachers to develop High Quality PE that is sustainable and embedded throughout the school.

• We will deliver well-planned and impact-driven targeted interventions to those pupils recognised as needing additional support in our partner schools.

• We will deliver Premier League Primary Stars to support schools to achieve all of their outcomes, offering financial support via the PLCF funding that we can access

To kick-start the relaunch of our Primary School Delivery Model, we invited our Priority Schools to Blundell Park ahead of the 2024-25 academic year to meet with the Primary School Delivery Manager, the Interim Head of Community and a number of our coaches.

Our Primary Schools Delivery Manager, Ellie Kirk, discussed with our priority schools the newly reformed Premier League Primary Stars programme that is being specifically aimed at their pupils, including free access to benefits such as Player visits, Blundell park Stadium tours, competitions and Mighty Mariner visits.

It was a great opportunity for schools in our community to hear how a partnership with the Foundation can better support them and their areas of development into the next academic year.

Below is a video to show the impact that Premier League Primary Stars programmes can have on your school…


If you would like to further discuss what it means to become a priority or Outreach Partner school with the Foundation or hear about other work that we can do in your schools, please contact Ellie Kirk via email at or call us on 01472 696481