Club Author Day

A group of students sitting at tables in a conference room with several adults standing around the perimeter.

The Grimsby Town Foundation Club Author Event this year was aimed at inspiring pupils in reading and literacy beyond the classroom via a carousel of workshops in and around Blundell Park.

Pupils from Elliston Primary School gathered at Blundell Park on the 21st February to partake in the series of workshops as well as meeting Kelly Ted, the local author of ‘I Have a Super Power’. Ted providing a workshop for pupils as well as being supported by local Graffiti artist Lynsey Powles who worked with pupils by creating their own Super Hero masks.

Three other workshops delivered by the Foundation Sport and Education coaching team which included a tour of Blundell Park as well as learning about the club’s famous history.

A creative writing task was completed where the pupil’s were able to listen to a piece of commentary from the nine-goal thriller in the play-off game against Wrexham in 2022, then created their own Newspaper report, Facebook post or tweet about the game.

A final workshop provided pupils with the chance to use creative and emotive writing to leave motivational quotes for last week’s first team players. Town defender Toby Mullarkey sat down to read some of the quotes prior to last weekend’s game against Wrexham.

Man reviewing notes in an empty sports stadium during the day.

Organiser and Primary School Delivery Manager, Ellie Kirk said, “Today is all about engagement and inspiring the pupils. At this time of the year pupils especially in Year 6 are focussing on their SATS and doing the best that they can, but sometimes they lose the ‘Why’ behind reading and writing.”

“We wanted to make sure that the pupils can be inspired by these workshops to engage in their learning in school and see the bigger picture, maybe becoming the next big name in journalism, maybe taking up writing about their favourite sport, or using motivational quotes in other aspects of their lives.”

“Maybe they will follow in the footsteps of Kelly Ted and write their own books or further their creativity in art and take up illustration or graffiti like Lynsey. We want pupils to enjoy reading and writing.”

Pupils went away from the event with a free book supplied by the National Literacy Trust as well as having the chance to meet Mighty Mariner, the official club mascot!